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  Mole-EX - Frequently Asked Questions About Moles.

How many moles do I have?
You can’t determine how many moles you have by the number of mounds in your yard. However, one mole is too many because a single mole can totally destroy your landscaping. The number of moles on a property depends on many factors. Most important is property size. One acre will usually support a maximum of 5 moles. However, the Pacific Northwest region has had 4 fairly mild winters in a row. More moles survive a mild winter. If more moles survive, there's more of them to breed. When more moles breed, quite obviously, you'll have more moles. So, after 4 mild winters there's a lot of moles out there. Also, if the property is bordered by a greenbelt, wetlands or the hundred acre wood, you'll have more moles. Once we rid a property of its resident mole(s) it doesn’t take long for neighboring moles to take advantage of the vacated territory. It’s like free rent.

How long will it take to get rid of the moles on my property?
It could take 1 week; it could take 8 weeks or even longer. It rarely takes longer than 5 weeks, but it has happened. Our average is 3 weeks per order – that’s a setup fee and 3 trip charges = $365.

Is your equipment safe around children and pets?
The precautions we take make our equipment very safe. We cover the equipment and stake down the covers. You should tell your children to stay away from the equipment. Most dogs just sniff the covers, pee on them and then ignore them. Cats are pretty much indifferent to them. However, if you have children under 6 years old that will be playing unattended in the yard or if your kids and/or pets are ill-behaved, you should let us know and we will take extra precautions.

Will the moles return?
The moles we catch won't be back...they'll be dead. But, this being the Pacific Northwest, you will most likely have moles again. About 70% of our business is repeat business. We see some of our customers 2 or 3 times a year. However, most of our customers call us every 12 to 18 months and sometimes we don't hear from them for 3 or 4 years.

When do moles hibernate?
Moles don't hibernate. It just seems like they do. In the winter, they go deeper to avoid freezing and also because that's where their food goes. Most of their deeper tunnels are already established so there will be less activity. Also, what activity there is often goes unnoticed because it's dark when you leave for work and dark when you return home. When it isn't dark, the weather is often dreary so you aren't out working or playing in your yard. You may notice a "flurry" of mole activity in late February through March when boy moles are searching for mole babes to rub noses . Beginning in April, the activity slows down again during a 6 to 7 week gestation period and an additional 6 to 7 weeks while rearing their new offspring. Then, in early June through mid-July, all hell breaks loose when mama mole kicks her little darlings out of the nest.

We are the mole extermination experts because mole extermination is all we do.
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