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  Although Mole-EX was only recently established as a Puget Sound area business in January of 2007, we have many years of professional mole exterminating experience. Our only business is mole extermination. Our experience and considerable research on moles has led to the development of several innovations that have made us the "best in this business." There are one or two companies in the area that may be as good as Mole-EX but there are certainly none better.  
We provide professional mole extermination services to North Seattle (north of the 520 Freeway/Mercer Street), South Snohomish County from Marysville south) and most of the Greater Eastside. Specifically, we service the cities, zip codes in the Greater Seattle area listed below. NOTE: If you don’t find your city and/or zip code on this list, contact us and we will assist you in finding an exterminator who does service your area.
We are the mole extermination experts because mole extermination is all we do.
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