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  We’ve been trapping moles in the Puget Sound area for many years. Nobody does it better. For fast, reliable, guaranteed service, call Mole-EX at: 425.774.4703
  I’ve done a lot of research on moles. I could write a PhD thesis about moles. But, if you have moles you really only need to know three things about them.

The first thing you need to know is that moles can destroy your landscaping. Moles are prolific tunnelers. They tunnel 24/7, taking brief respites every couple of hours. Moles can tunnel up to 18 feet per hour in loose, moist soil. But they can tunnel anywhere – even through the gravel base under streets, driveways and patios.

Wow! If the City of Seattle could get about 10,000 of these compact excavators to work together and dig in a straight line they could replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct with a tunnel in less than a year. Of course, then they would have to pay me to get rid of moles. Works for me.

The most visible damage caused by moles is the volcano-like mounds of dirt that they push to the surface when constructing their tunnels. Eventually, these molehills settle and form bare spots on your lawn. Another visible sign of moles is a series of vein-like cracks or ridges caused by tunneling near the surface of your lawn and flower beds. Your plants die when these surface tunnels separate plant roots from the soil.

However, the damage you don’t see is usually the most destructive. Over time, their tunnels can weaken driveways, sidewalks, decks, patios and rockeries. Although not noticeable for several years, this type of damage can be expensive to repair and it usually isn’t covered by home owner’s insurance.

The second thing you need to know about moles is that extermination is the only sure way to get rid of them. Of course I'm an exterminator, so that's what you probably expected me to claim. The best way to find out what works and what doesn't is to visit a non-commercial site - one that's not trying to sell you something. I recommend the Washington State University site because they have published several expert articles about the types of moles found in Washington. "Click" on this link WASU and type "moles" in the search box for a list of their available articles and then select an article to read. Here is a link one of the better WASU articles about moles: Moles. Or, you can visit Gardening with Ciscoe Morris for a humorous, yet informative, article about moles.

You'll find that there are many products on the market for eliminating moles. Unfortunately, studies have found that chemicals, repellants, sonic devices, smoke bombs and mole baits are not consistently effective on our western moles.

Also, your friends and neighbors will usually offer many “home remedies” to get rid of moles. These include human hair, human urine, pet poo, cigarette butts, mothballs, castor oil, mint stems, chopped garlic, flooding their tunnels and...the list goes on and on. You have to wonder, who thinks of these things? Once again, however, when tested, none of these methods resulted in any reduction in mole activity.

The best that you can hope for with any of these products or remedies is to chase the moles into your neighbors yard. The bad news is that they usually return and now your neighbor hates you.

And third, you really need to know that the best way to get rid of moles is to call MOLE - EX. We’ve been exterminating moles in the Puget Sound area for many years. Nobody does it better. For fast, reliable, guaranteed service, call us at:
We are the mole extermination experts because mole extermination is all we do.
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